About Me!

IMG_1293Born and raised in the capital Male’ of the Republic of Maldives, I am a 100% Maldivian who fell in love with the English language and reading at a very tender age. My father instilled in all of us a love for the language that has opened up doors for us which would have otherwise remained closed if it weren’t for our familiarity with the English language.

My reading interests began with the classic Enid Blyton phase which then moved onto books such as the Nancy Drew series and The Hardy Boys which till today I remember with fond memories. There were times when I was so lost in the fantastic worlds that only books can offer you so much that my mom used to vehemently scold me because I really had no interest in anything else at times.

As I grew older, I found my interests swaying towards romances, first the Sweet Valley High series and then the Sweet Dreams publisher series and then later on moved towards Harlequin romances which seemed endless at that time. Then came the introduction to authors such as Sandra Brown, Judith McNaught, Sidney Sheldon etc. that painted my world with vivid colors and made my reading time that much more precious and coveted as I grew older.

I have read thousands of books till now and started up this review blog on a whim on 2009 and am proud to say that it is the first of its kind in the Maldives. A year on, I am addicted to reviewing as much as I am addicted to reading. Since I read mostly romances (rarely do I venture into other genres these days), I find myself at times ridiculed by my peers for my reading choices. Getting labeled as a hopeless romantic is one of the hazards of being a romance reader, something I manage to brush off easily – most of the time.

Romance is a very broad genre with all sorts of sub-genres making up the whole world of romances. I prefer contemporary romances to any other sub-genre and have quite recently discovered that I have an interest towards the erotica genre as well though I can’t stomach menages and gay romances even now. My favorite theme from romances would have to be stories where best of friends turn into lovers. These stories open up a world of heady possibilities which makes up for a really good read. I also love stories where heroes are very much reluctant to face the fact that their lives as bachelors are forever over with a strong sexual tension that lingers between the hero and heroine.

I hope that my little world of fiction and romances over here would provide useful and sometimes entertaining information about books that I have read. Happy reading everyone!